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Preview of Blurred Reality banners etc.  

Client: Blurred Reality Banners & more.

Service: Interface design, branding, web hosting.

Website: View interface offline Opens in a new window.

Blurred Reality is a company that produces and reports on Alternate Reality Games Opens in a new window. and has a fast growing fan base.

Working with the Blurred Reality team, we were commissioned to produce a number of custom interface windows for use within a news/blogging system. To advertise the launch of a new website we were also asked to produce a new logo and a number of advertisement banners to be placed in various strategic locations on the Internet.


"Everyone here agrees that were all astounded by how quickly the Buzzword Culture team understood what we wanted turning our rough scribblings into working banner advertisements and the new blog windows gave our games a funky new style."

Steve Mitchell, Lead Designer, Blurred Reality.